Welcome to the Frontiers of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine

Published: 2019-07-29

After painstaking work for over one and half years, we are honored to announce the launch of the Frontiers of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine (Front Oral Maxillofac Med; FOMM). The journal has strong support and an active involvement of our editorial members and has excellent investigators from biomedical research fields and clinical practice members who specialize in oral and maxillofacial diseases.

Unlike other journals in the fields of dentistry, oral surgery, otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, as well as ophthalmology, FOMM is a peer-reviewed academic journal published by AME publishing company which aims to provide a forum for clinical researchers, basic scientists, clinicians, and others to publish their reviews and original articles for the exploration and management of oral and maxillofacial related disorders. For example, dental problems, head and neck lesions, otolaryngologic and ophthalmologic disorders, and etc. FOMM will strive to produce quality research works with the potentials to evolve and improve the delivery of healthcare of oral and maxillofacial diseases.

As a new international, open-access, peer-reviewed journal, FOMM is dedicated to providing a free forum for the rapid dissemination of latest discoveries in oral and maxillofacial diseases, publishing articles that focus on cutting-edge findings in this rapidly growing field, and providing up-to-date, practical information on diagnosis, prevention, and clinical investigations. Being an international journal and an English language publication, FOMM will accept submissions throughout the world, including the increasingly large pool of clinical and basic research from China. Specific areas of interest include, but not limited to, multidisciplinary therapy, biomarkers, imaging, biology, pathology, and technical advances in various oral and maxillofacial diseases. Every effort will be made to present our readers with well-constructed, informative and educational artworks.

The process for submission and review are managed online with the open journal system (OJS) developed by the Public Knowledge Project. This will greatly expedite the process from submission to the editorial decision for an individual manuscript and hence speed up publication turnaround. The open-access policy of FOMM will allow readers from the medical science community to freely utilize material published in the journal, while simultaneously not compromising the quality of studies published in FOMM. This will be unexceptionally peer-reviewed and strictly meet the most rigorous standards of academic excellence.

FOMM was born with a distinguished editorial board, bringing together a team of specialists who are highly experienced in the treatment and investigation of oral and maxillofacial diseases. Our editorial profile renders the journal truly international, and also has the state-of-art expertise of board members promises an exchange of ideas that can only make a significant difference to the research of oral and maxillofacial diseases both in China and worldwide.

At this landmark moment for FOMM, I would like to thank all of our colleagues for their assistance and their efforts to make it possible to launch this new academic journal. We are also grateful to our editorial board members and staff for their diligence in copy editing, paper processing, and journal promotion. We are confident that FOMM will undoubtedly make a great contribution to the field of oral and maxillofacial diseases.

Jia-Wei Zheng
Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, College of Stomatology, Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai 200011, China.(Email: