Head and Neck Reconstruction

Posted On 2022-04-13 09:59:48

This series on “Head and Neck Reconstruction” is edited by Michael W. S. Ho, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Leeds Dental Institute, Leeds, UK.

The aim of this series of articles is not to provide the answers, but to add opinion and hopefully valid data to back up the view of the various contributors. In my experience reconstructive surgery options have not been arrived at after the gold standard of randomised trials but are largely based on opinion which makes the case for such a series of articles as presented here.

Head and Neck reconstruction: the past, present and the future
James Brown

Part 1: Surgical outcomes in Head and Neck reconstruction

Original Article
Postoperative complications in patients undergoing major head and neck surgery requiring free tissue transfer—how do we improve?
Jeremy McMahon, Joshua Abraham, Grace Charlotte McMahon, Farhan Zubair

Review Article
Risk adjustment in audit of outcome after head and neck surgery applied to cumulative sum chart methodology to monitor of free flap failure
David Francis Tighe, Jeremy McMahon, Michael Ho, Isabel Sassoon

Head and neck reconstruction in the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic era: outcomes and lessons learned
Michael Ho, Anita Hazari, Andrew Schache, Michael Nugent, David Tighe, Austen Smith, Maniram Ragbir, Panos Kyzas, Conor Barry, Jag Dhanda, Jeremy McMahon, Richard Shaw

Lessons learned from the multidisciplinary UK National Flap Registry initiative and plans for the future
Michael Ho, Andrew Schache, Michael Nugent, Anita Hazari

Editorial Commentary
Defining success and failure in Head and Neck Reconstruction: is flap survival the ultimate measure?
Richard J. Shaw

Part 2: Education and Training in Head and Neck Reconstruction

Original Article
The impact of volume and surgical throughput on outcomes in head and neck reconstruction: a systematic review
Panayiotis Kyzas

Editorial Commentary
Establishing a new head and neck microvascular reconstructive service
Conor P. Barry

Part 3. Research and Innovation in Head and Neck Reconstruction

Review Article
The role of a reconstruction subspecialty group in the national surgical specialty association: the journey, experiences and output for the advancement of head and neck reconstruction
Michael W. S. Ho, Michael Nugent

An overview of the initiation, development, performance, and current status of UK interspecialty collaboration in training in head & neck surgery: “The UK Head & Neck Training Interface Fellowships—concept and reality ...”
Austen T. Smith, Mani Ragbir, Michael W. S. Ho

The series “Head and Neck Reconstruction” was commissioned by the editorial office, Frontiers of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine without any sponsorship or funding. Michael W. S. Ho serves as the unpaid guest editor for the special series.